“For better”

Four barrel pet is a place, where people can have time with rescued pet and also chillin’ with their relevant. Reservation is required to enjoy the cafe and pets, the simple app helps to make a reservation for a pre-adoption experience.

The problem

An enormous number of pets rescued every year and only a few got the chance for adoption.

Approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year (1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats). But this isn’t enough compared with rescued pets each year. Even people adopted a pet from the shelter, few of them get return to the shelter because of the owner’s issue or pet’s behavior issues which were built from the previous owner or their personality. Some shelter hides their rescued pet’s issue intentionally, some of not but this lack of information lead adoption fails.

Business goal

A general goal of this business is increasing adoption number. More specifically, giving a clear and detailed information to the people who want to adopt will be the way can help this business.

Another goal of this is pre-experience. Having a time with an adoptable pet and potential owner can give a clear future plan. Plenty information of pets will lead them successful adoption.

Product goal

Make people successfully plan their pre-experience and inform them instruction of what they can do in place. Giving information of pets and cafe is one of the main goals.

Another is let people reserve pre-experience. Making them simply and easily reserve it is most important thing in this product.


The assumptions

  • Users want to buy a pet instead of adoption because they want some specific breed
  • Most of the shelters have not enough space for rescued pets
  • All users have interest of pet and want to know more

Learning goals

  • Have you ever experienced pet?
  • How educates are you about cat/dogs?
  • Why do you want to adopt a pet?
  • What makes you consider adopting?
  • Do people want to adopt a pet? Why?
  • Why making a successful adoption is hard?
  • What is a requirement for pets owner?
  • What makes people consider adopting?






The Synthesis

  • Users want to buy a pet instead adoption because they want some specific breed

Not all the people want to buy a pet. 3/4 of people answered they considered adoption instead of buying. They said “It is right thing to do” most of the people recognized problem and they believe adoption can change/fix the problem.

  • Most of the shelters have not enough space for rescued pets

Except for big famous shelters, most of the local shelters don’t have enough space for rescued pet thus, they used to foster them to local volunteer and also they struggled to raised fund.

  • All users have interest of pet and want to know more

Users who want to adopt, want to know about the adoptable pet but there is no tool for it unless they visit a shelter. Even they visit the shelter, hard to find out perfect pet for them. Another fact is the shelter give them information not enough, it caused a problem such as returning or abandoning. Giving not enough information is sometimes intention or sometimes not.

Problem statement

Adoption processing itself isn’t hard now, therefore, it caused lots of issues such as indiscreet adoption and returning or causing pet’s behavior issues. All the things connected with the adoption process. The shelter has a limited budget makes them have only few options to advertise themselves or their rescued pet list. On the potential owner’s side, they couldn’t get enough information from the shelter and after adoption, pet’s behavior issue came up and few of them rehome the pet or return them. For now, there is no tool for the potential owner that gives enough information about adoptable pets and it makes them decreased interest of adoption.

Solution scenario

Ben researched Four barrel pet and wants to make a reservation for adoption. He uses the app for checking the available date for visiting, checking adoptable pets and paying a reservation fee.

The Ideation


Concept testing script

Concept testing

The Synthesis

  • Need ABOUT button to know about the company/program?

Most of the users don’t get why about section needs a separate page. They suggest putting about page’s information on the first landing page then it would more noticeable and useful.

  • Want to see the available date on a separate page or same page with information of pet?

People think “available date” section isn’t much important so separating from the information of pet page makes one more step on overall user flow.

  • Which way you prefer? scanning card or typing card?

Typing information is basic. People expect more options such as apple pay, scanning card, and autofill. An easy and simple way to pay is the most effective way to make people pay.

  • Did you read all information on the screen? If not, why? any suggestion for this?

Mose of people tends to skip the confirmation page because the majority of confirmation pages are the last page of their journey. Skipping confirmation page is fossilized to most of the people and placing precaution information on that page is letting them ignore it easily. Precaution is the most important information overall in this app and shouldn’t ignore.

Solution statement

Based on research, most of users wanted a simple user-flow app which is making a reservation for pre-experiencing. Few screens were quite difficult to users such as putting information of visitor for reservation and specific pet’s detail page so will going to visualize it then the user can easily catch it.

Final design