79% of U.S. Consumers Already Own A Smart Home Device

On a global level, around 80 million smart home devices were delivered to consumers in 2016, according to market research cited by PlumChoice -a year-on year increase of 64%.

Since people use lots of home smart devices, naturally downloads multiple apps and used many apps to control each product.

For solution, Mary is an app which is augmented reality remote controller and it combined all smart devices apps and control it.

Connect smart home appliances and control it all on one single app.

How to use

Hold a smartphone and aim to an appliance that you want to control. Tap or drag buttons to manipulation the appliance from distances.


First-time user tutorial pages introduce the main function of the app. Through tutorial, user can easily behave app flow without any instruction while using the app.

Tutorial video

Voice control

Tap the bottom button or say “Hey, Mary” to use voice control

Why user need voice control function?

These days, lots of devices adopted touch screen therefore, blind people may not know what they touching. Voice control function will help them to manipulate smart devices in their home.

Mary 35 sec commercial video

Design elements